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Dean Taylor Marriage Divorce and Remarriage

Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage

Brother Dean Taylor has written a brilliant short booklet of only 51 pages as he addresses most of the major questions on this topic. "Generations of families, churches and even whole denominations have been birthed into this inherited position. Yet I believe it is not too late to make a change. Once the problem is admitted, churches might differ on how to respond to it; however, at the very least, a church-wide moratorium on remarriage alone could turn the tide of this epidemic completely around in one generation. One thing is certain, ignoring the situation will not make it go away"

Casey Whitaker Have You Not Read

Have You Not Read? Matthew 19:4

“In his Have You Not Read, Casey Whitaker tackles one of the thorniest issues confronting the church today - marriage, divorce and remarriage. Upholding the authority of Scripture, Whitaker superbly presents the unambiguous teachings of Christ and His Apostles on this subject and - like the prophet of old - pleads with this generation of pastors and teachers to “see and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it.” Have You Not Read answers a great need in the 21st century church.” Scott Coltrain, Teacher Hudson (FL) Church of Christ

Most say, I had never known this..

Except For Fornication Clause of Matthew 19:9 Discussion
Bob Mutch (Canada)

While the other scriptures (Mark 10:11, 12; Luke 16:18, Romans 7:2, 3; 1 Corinthians 7:11, 39) are very clear on divorce and remarriage to most people Matthew 5:32 and 19:9 leave them puzzled. But once you are clear that Matthew 19:9 is a exclusion to divorce and Matthew 5:32 is a exception to blame not an exception to divorce and remarry it all fits together like a puzzle.

Divorce & Remarriage Articles
Bob Mutch (Canada)

Considerations on Divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii, In Connexion with Holy Scripture (4.81MB PDF)

Edward Badeley, QC Barrister, Ecclesiastical Lawyer (UK) - Alleged Author 1857

Interpreting the Silences (Duet.24:1-4)
Dr. Allen R. Guenther, Professor of Old Testament (USA)

The Betrothal View of Divorce and Remarriage
Dr. David W. Jones, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics (USA)

Are Biblical Covenants Dissoluble? Toward a Theology of Marriage
Dr. David W. Jones and Dr. John K. Tarwater

The last fifteen years have witnessed an increase in the number of articles and books written on the covenantal nature of marriage. Despite the use of common terminology, theologians and ethicists have, thus far, inconsistently interpreted and applied what it means for marriage to be a covenant. No place is this disparity more evident than in the area of divorce and remarriage. To elaborate, while some authors allow for the termination of “covenant” marriage, others argue that the marriage bond is indissoluble because of its covenantal nature. These incongruous positions on the nature of marriage partially stem from biblical scholars’ inability to arrive at a consensus regarding the nature of biblical covenants.

Holy Matrimony

Dirk Evenhuis, Preacher Israel / Marriage Covenant (Australia)

What The Church Has Forgotten About Divorce
Allon Maxwell (Australia)

Note: The author is a Unitarian, that is he denies the Trinity, however his booklet is included because of his stance on the issue of the permanency of Marriage.

Divorce and Remarriage: Another look at the Matthean “exception” clauses.
Brillantly written, however a warning unfortunately the writer does not preach repentance of a remarriage (adultery)
Andrew S. Kulikovsky (Australia)

Marriage and The Public Good: Ten Principals

The Witherspoon Institute is an independent research centre located in Princeton, New Jersey. Scholars from History, Economics, Psychiatry, Law, Sociology and Philosophy share of findings of their research on why marriage, understood as the permanent union of husband and wife, is in the public interest.

Joe Fogle, Divorce and Remarriage – Biblical Studies and Evangelical Theology

Jesus on Divorce: How My Mind Has Changed
William A. Heth

Note: Please read in conjunction with Dr. Leslie McFall’s review.

Divorce and Remarriage for Two Reasons
William A. Heth

Jesus and Divorce: Did He Permit It?
Gordon Wenham
This article is included as it is cited by other writers on this page, unfortunately the writer Gordon Wenham does not preach repentance of remarriage (adultery)

Divorce in First-Century Judaism and the New Testament
Gordon Wenham

The Prohibition on Restoration of Marriage in Deuteronomy 24:1-4
Raymond Westbrook
The purpose of this article is to re-examine the law in Deuteronomy 24:1-4 forbidding a man to remarry the wife whom he had divorced and whose subsequent marriage has now come to an end to propose a new solution to the problem that has troubled commentators both ancient and modern: what was the rationale behind this curious rule?