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“Jesus may come across as hard-hearted, dogmatic and unyielding, but we have the Holy Spirit to live out the life of forgiveness, and if we forgive ALL their sins (even adulterers), then there is no room for divorce, which is a statement of an unforgiving heart, which cannot be in any Christian” – Dr. Leslie McFall

“We need to get a perfect understanding of what true forgiveness implies for the man or woman “in Christ”. There are no exceptive clauses in Jesus’ teaching about forgiveness. People want to create exceptional  circumstances where divorce is possible. There are no such grounds if he is a true follower of Jesus, and has the Holy Spirit abiding in him”.- Dr. Leslie McFall

“Many people do not read McFalls work the whole way through, if they did there would be a whole less confusion about the permanency of marriage” – Michael Whennen

Debunking the Mat 19 “Exception Clause” via the Greek!
An interview with Dr. Leslie McFall regarding the improper translation of Matthew 19:9 and how that has been used to justify divorce. A forensic case study that is shocking in its revelations.
MP3 Audio 40MB 1 hour 37 minutes

The Erasmian Deception Clause: The Mistranslation of Matthew 19:9 – Leslie McFall

Matthew 19:9 Codex Leicester (McFall)
Classified as MS 69, a 15th century manuscript
MS69 Codex Leicester Scan

To be read in conjunction with Harmonized (McFall) No-Divorce View

Considerations on Divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii Dr Leslie McFall review of Considerations on Divorce A Vinculo Matrimonii, In Connexion with Holy Scripture