FIREPROOF FALLS SHORT, and will cause Christians to stumble.


Many people will watch the movie FIREPROOF and be encouraged by its content, however we must warn and encourage people to take home only the content that lines up with the Word of God.

We must remind you of Saint John the Baptist’s, fearless condemnation of Herod’s unlawful marriage that incurred the hatred of the king’s bride, Herodias. She had John the Baptist imprisoned and, finally, killed.

Again we say, any marriage entered into by any man or woman who has a living pre-existing husband or wife is not a one-flesh covenant marriage that is recognised by God, and is considered to be unlawful, and the sin of adultery, and must be repented of and forsaken, according to the Scriptures

Fireproof endorses adultery, what would John the Baptist have to say?

Judge for yourself… If you want to watch it click here to browse Amazon.

FIREPROOF’s Adultery Endorsement (PDF)