A letter to the Federal Members of Parliament


Dear Federal Members of Parliament,

Re: Same Sex Marriage, the Homosexual Cocktail & the Pseudo Christians

What is the real reason homosexuals want to legalise same-sex marriage? Correcting the injustice, wanting the Government to “recognise” their relationship as “marriage”?

Did you realise this “same-sex marriage” debate is not going to go away. Do you want to know why? Please, if you are challenged read all the way through to the end…

If you don’t understand why, you are not alone. All politicians should have a knowledge of all sides of the argument, and enough information to make informed decisions which upon balance are made for the good of the whole community.

Megan Peters, 29 a lesbian in a recent article in the “Weekend Australian Magazine” is quoted as saying in respect to her relationship “We’re upholding the sanctity of marriage…etc.” also “Families are going to keep changing. You can’t stop it happening, and the law has to keep up with us”. What are the real definitions of “sanctity” and “family”? Usually laws are made to protect, however in a culture where there are no absolute definitions, moral or otherwise, lawlessness exists? So, a motorist who loves speeding can say “people keep speeding, you can’t stop it happening, and the law has to keep up with us (another words change to the speedsters unhealthy desires)“?

Someone said recently “legalising same-sex marriages is the only moral and right thing to do”….

So the real argument is about morality, what is right, and the standard upon which these concepts derive their meaning, is it not?

Perhaps you would like this whole same-sex marriage argument to just go away, or maybe you are a passionate supporter of either side. Whether you agree or not, you, as a politician, are in the crossfire of a huge ongoing spiritual battle. Aside from the spiritual battle, if you take a stance for allowing gay relationships to be called marriages, you will be seen as enemies to the moralities of the Christian, Jewish and Muslim portion of your constituencies: many of these people will vote against you if you don’t know the difference between marriage and a gay relationship.

True Followers of Christ know the bible determines right (good/holiness) from wrong (bad/sin).

Much research time is required if you would like to gain a total understanding from a spiritual/biblical perspective, the only sound and eternal foundation we have, but I’ve written to inform you of important things that I believe you need to be aware of.

Biblical Talk

According to scripture, God demands righteousness, and uprightness, in matters of civil justice. (See Psalm 82)

I must emphasise at the outset, that the true followers of Christ are the ones that have compassion for sinners, (by affirming certain judgement for the sin, while offering the hope of salvation, through repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.) Followers of Christ know the bible determines right (good/holiness) from wrong (bad/sin), because that standard is founded upon the eternal word of almighty God. They are absolutely certain that, sinners must repent, (i.e.. stop sinning) because it is opposed to Gods revelation of what it means to Love Him, and ones fellow man. The consequences of moral sins are realised in this present world, and unless repented of, will certainly lead to the place of everlasting torment, (Hell). So we have a choice for eternity: whether to spend eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven, or be thrown into the lake of fire.

The gospel of Jesus Christ calls all men everywhere to forsake these sins, and live according to divine righteousness, through the power of grace. All men will certainly be “without excuse”.

Marriage is something the Creator created and planned from the beginning; any man who opposes His definition of marriage opposes the Creator Himself.

Either the biblical standard is the correct rule of what is morally pure, or no sin “choice” is off limits.

So, in order to be clear, adulterers and fornicators (which includes homosexuality) whether they attend church or not; are NOT living in a way that is compatible with inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. There are eternal doors placed by God, which the unholy cannot break through, metaphorically speaking.

The Homosexual Cocktail

Homosexuality is a condition that is what we could call a “cocktail” which is made up of spiritual, emotional, relational, biological and sexual components: Many people erroneously ‘claim’ that all homosexuals are born gay, there are spiritual reasons behind why this sometimes seems to be the case. This claim needs to be discussed within a spiritual context, to understand why this assertion is made. When certain conditions exist and interact with each other, the “cocktail”(conditions) of homosexually (as with all other immoral activity/sin) begins to gain ascendency. This can start at the very beginnings of reason, and obviously, anytime thereafter. Remove or change some of the components (i.e.. verbal and visible example), which lead one to indulge in this particular activity/sin, and the activity/sin itself becomes rare, and holds a position of contempt among society in general.

For the record, suicide is also a “cocktail” made up of the above mentioned components, however, leading researchers into suicide have mistakenly limited their knowledge by disregarding the most critical witness, i.e.. the spiritual component. Suicide and drug use are notably higher within the homosexual community, because the components are destructive to the soul, and interrelated. Some people may likewise seem to be born with a tendency to commit suicide, but it is better to understand this tendency and provide help for those who have the tendency to suicide, than to make suicide easier legally.

Bad marriage/family relationships, marriage breakdown, sexual abuse and (adulterous & unlawful) ‘remarriages’ form a large part of the components that can nurture and entice one toward homosexuality. Bad relationships also contribute heavily to the high statistic of suicides. We can clearly see that things that are bad (sin), produces more bad (sin), and it reproduces after itself. Family breakdown, Family Court issues, depression the list goes on..

So, really what is the history of marriage, defined by God and upheld by the true Followers of Christ?

The Hebrew term for the Biblical Jewish marriage ceremony (kiddushin/betrothal) really means “hallowing/sanctified”. Kiddushin = Marriage, (which means sanctification or holiness), which is related to the Hebrew words; Kodesh = Holy (to set apart) Kadesh = Sanctified (separate from evil, bad, not good)

God is communicating thatmarriage is spiritually linked with being sanctified, (to be set apart or consecrated) and holy (apartness, sacredness), this is where the term holy matrimony comes from.

So plainly speaking marriage by very nature must exclude activities or relationships that God does not deem as sanctified or Holy, these activities and relationships He deems as (bad) sin. So if a husband is not fulfilling his duty to “Love his wife as Christ Loves his Church” this is sin, and he (the husband) must quit his unacceptable bad (sinful) behaviour, and likewise for the wife if she is the sinning against the marriage plan of the Creator. The Church has been ineffective in disciplining and in the discipleship of its members, otherwise we probably would not be having this debate. Therefore where there are strong moral churches there is a strong moral community.

Fornication is one of those activities that is excluded from God’s marriage definition, the proper definition of Fornication means any sexually deviant activities, this includes but not limited to things like incest, homosexually, premarital sex, sex with animals etc. God has defined what is right (good/Holy) and wrong (bad/sin) in respect to sexual activities, and whom these apply to.

Some questions we must all ask ourselves are; Where do we get our personal moral code from? What is right and what is wrong? What defines a family? Is our moral code external to our personal feelings, and family traditions, or simply defined subjectively, based on each and everyone’s personal preference of what ‘feels good’ or ‘makes them happy’? Does anything have an absolute meaning anymore?

Unfortunately the professing church today of “Pseudo Christians” has allowed, and currently defends, divorce and remarriage. According to the biblical standard of righteousness, those who are remarried, are living in unlawful adulterous relationships, and are also committing fornication, according to the plain teaching of Christ Himself in Luke 16:18. It does not take much bible study to ascertain that fornication and adultery constitute unholy acts and unholy relationships, and need to be repented of, that is, couples need to admit and quit these sins and sinful relationships. Are these Pseudo Christians falsely believing they are going to Heaven instead of Hell? Alarmingly, many people within the community, and the church community, believe they are “good” enough to get into Heaven, while disregarding the commandments of Jesus; what a terrible and fatal delusion!

What the professing church has failed to do is to protect and to preach the illustration of the HOLY wedding and marriage. As a result of this current tragedy, the sanctity of marriage has been attacked and undermined by divorce, remarriage (adultery) and now, by same-sex marriage advocates’, which is a predictable inevitability when Gods standard is cast aside.

God created humankind to collectively to be his bride

  • God desired to live and dwell with humankindforever and gave man a free will to choose to dwell in his presence.
  • God created Eve to communicate through marriage the fellowship and relationship He desired to have with humankind.

So, Marriage is the prophetic picture of Christ, and the bride of Christ!

So the same-sex marriage advocates are really out to destroy what truly marriage is, as it is defined by God, and upheld by the true Followers of Christ.

I am sure you have many letters and articles that cite many reports that are available that uphold heterosexual marriage as “good” for our community, and there are also those reports that show that homosexually does not have good consequences for the community.

Making decisions on marriage legislation, that are contrary to Gods holy standard, is like tampering with the very foundations of Gods creational order, the cornerstone of humanity. History records, during the 7th century, while Emperor Phocas of Rome was parading the newly completed great wall of the city, a voice from within cried out and said; “sin is within the city, and that will bring down the wall.” Don’t legitimise sin within the city. This will only invite Gods judgements, both now, and in the world to come.

Recommended Reading:

To Have but Not To Hold:
A History of Attitudes to Marriage and Divorce in Australia 1858–1975

by Professor Henry Finlay

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(pdf pages 64-123, emphasis on last footnote!)
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