Serious about your marriage relationship?

then read/watch these…

  1. Article: The Cause and Cure of Depression by Malcolm Bowden
  2. Free online video: Measuring Spiritual Maturity by Ken Nair
  3. Video series: Discovery Seminar by Ken Nair
  4. Excellent Audio CD’s:
    CD49 Peace In The Home,
    CD354 First Place,
    C35 Respecting Your Wife,
    CD494 Man and Woman: One Soul
    separately or part of Family CD Set by Rabbi Shalom Arush
  5. Book: Discovering the Mind of a Woman by Ken Nair
  6. Free article: Saving Marriages, One Less Critique at a Time
  7. Excellent book: The Garden of Peace: A Marital Guide for Men Only by Rabbi Shalom Arush
  8. Very helpful book: Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters – Meg Meeker
  9. Excellent advice for all: Lifestyle Danger! by Dr. Dale A. Robbins
    There is a grave danger lurking ahead for some who profess to be Christians. It is the danger of being deceived into thinking that we will not be held accountable for a continued lifestyle of sin.